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Philip K Dick Interviews & Bio
by Gregg Rickman - Philip K Dick In His Own Words - Philip K Dick Piper In the Woods #1 - Philip K Dick Piper In the Woods #2 - Philip K Dick To the High Castle Biography

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Philip K Dick: In His Own Words
To the High Castle Philip K Dick: A Life 1928-1962
Piper In the Woods: Philip K Dick On Life and Death

by Gregg Rickman
1988/1989/1987, Revised Edition/First Edition/Original audio
Fragments West/Valentine Press/GR



1. In His Own Words: First printing of the Revised Edition, and to my knowledge it was not reprinted. Introduction by Roger Zelazny, and preface by Gregg Rickman. First book of three in this series of extensive interviews with Philip K Dick by Gregg Rickman, conducted in 1982 right before his death. This installment covers: discussion of all his books including Ubik and The Man In the High Castle, his thoughts on the film Blade Runner, religious beliefs, the Sixties experience including Ellison and the Dangerous Visions ordeal, critics, viewpoints, themes & motifs, and too much more to be mentioned. An absolute must have!

2. To the High Castle: This scarce biography covers the period of Phil's life from his birth to the age of 32. Gregg Rickman knew Phil, and did extensive research with those who knew him to bring the history of this legendary writer to fruition. Foreword by Tim Powers. This is third in the ultra rare trilogy by Gregg Rickman.

3. Piper In the Woods- Philip K Dick On Life and Death (audio): This could be considered a companion to the 3-book series Gregg Rickman did on Philip K Dick.  This 90-minute audio tape contains excerpts from the first interview conducted April 1981.  This new un-played tape comes in a case with publisher's printed insert. The insert carries this disclaimer from Rickman: I apologize for the grainyness of my tinny tape recording; through the hiss and noise from squeaky chairs and passing cars, listen to Phil Dick.  Best listened to thru a head-set. I tried my copy in the car first and it just didn't cut it.


#1 measures 8in high x 5 1/2in wide, with 250 pages.  #2 measures 8in high x 5 1/2in wide, with 451 pages.  Both volumes are new and unread, each protected in an acid-free bag.  The audio cassette is unused in case with publisher's artwork.


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