Rudy Rucker, Software 
runner up - Ray Nelson


Tim Powers, The Anubis Gates


William Gibson, Neuromancer (Ace)
runner up - Kim Stanley Robinson, The Wild Shore (Ace) 


Tim Powers, Dinner at Deviant's Palace (Ace)
runner up - Richard Grant, Saraband of Lost Time (Avon)
nominees - Russell Griffin, The Time Servers (Avon)
Michael P. Kube-McDowell, Emprise (Berkley)
Barry N. Malzberg, The Remaking of Sigmund Freud (Del Rey)
Scott R. Sanders, Terrarium (Tor)
Walter Jon Williams, Knight Moves (Tor) 


James P. Blaylock, Homunculus (Ace)
runner up - Jack McDevitt, The Hercules Text (Ace)
nominees - Karen Joy Fowler, Artificial Things (Bantam)
Robert Charles Wilson, A Hidden Place (Bantam) 


Patricia Geary, Strange Toys (Bantam Spectra)
runner up - Mike McQuay, Memories (Bantam Spectra)
nominees - Pat Cadigan, Mindplayers (Bantam Spectra)
Richard Bowker, Dover Beach (Bantam Spectra)
K. W. Jeter, Dark Seeker (Tor)
Lucius Shepard, Life During Wartime (Bantam) 


Paul J. McAuley, 400 Billion Stars (Del Rey)
Rudy Rucker, Wetware (Avon)
nominees - Roger MacBride Allen, Orphans of Creation (Baen)
Marc Laidlaw, Neon Lotus (Bantam)
Rebecca Ore, Becoming Alien (Tor)
David Alexander Smith, Rendezvous (Ace) 


Richard Paul Russo, Subterranean Gallery (Tor)
nominees - Barry Longyear, Infinity Hold (Warner Questar)
Rebecca Ore, Being Alien (Tor)
Susan M. Shwartz, Heritage of Flight (Tor)
Dave Wolverton, On My Way to Paradise (Bantam Spectra) 


Pat Murphy, Points of Departure (Bantam Spectra)
nominees - Gregory Feeley, The Oxygen Barons (Ace)
Elizabeth Hand, Winterlong (Bantam Spectra)
Raymond Harris, The Schizogenic Man (Ace)
Allen Steele, Clarke County, Space (Ace) 


Ian McDonald, King of Morning, Queen of Day (Bantam Spectra)
nominees - Douglas Bell, Mojo and the Pickle Jar (Tor)
Emma Bull, Bone Dance (Ace)
Kathe Koja, The Cipher (Dell)
Robert Charles Wilson, Bridge of Years (Doubleday Foundation) 


Richard Grant, Through the Heart (Avon)
nominees - Colin Greenland, Take Back Plenty (Avon)
Elizabeth Hand, Aestival Tide (Bantam Spectra)
R. A. Lafferty, Iron Tears (Edgewood Press)
Elisabeth Vonarburg, In the Mothers' Land (Bantam Spectra) 


John M. Ford, Growing Up Weightless
Jack Womack, Elvissey 
nominees - Wilhelmina Baird, CrashCourse (Ace)
David R. Bunch, Bunch! (Broken Mirrors Press)
Elizabeth Hand, Icarus Descending (Bantam Spectra)


Robert Charles Wilson, Mysterium (Bantam Spectra) 
runner up - Jack Cady, Inagehi (Broken Moon Press)
nominees - Ian McDonald, Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone (Bantam Spectra)
Lisa Mason, Summer of Love (Bantam Spectra)
Lance Olsen, Tonguing the Zeitgeist (Permeable Press)
Alexander Besher, Rim: A Novel of Virtual Reality (HarperCollins West)


** - Bruce Bethke, Headcrash (Warner Aspect)
runner up - Richard Paul Russo, Carlucci's Edge (Ace)
nominees - Shale Aaron, Virtual Death (HarperPrism)
Greg Egan, Permutation City (HarperPrism)
Amy Thomson, The Color of Distance (Ace)
Elisabeth Vonarburg, Reluctant Voyagers (Bantam Spectra) 


** - Stephen Baxter, The Time Ships (HarperPrism)
runner up - Michael Bishop, At the City Limits of Fate (Edgewood Press)
nominees - William Barton, The Transmigration of Souls (Warner Aspect)
George Foy, The Shift (Bantam Spectra)
Sarah Zettel, Reclamation (Warner Aspect)

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