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Stew Albert's Yippie! Reading Room: Stew Albert, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin...... need I say more?

Books on Design: carries both new European books and out of print American and European books on 20th century design and decorative arts.

Zero Point - Power of the gods: Based on actual discoveries in many fields of modern science and the ancient records of civilizations long past.

Science Fiction & Fantasy Audio : Great site with reviews of loads audio content relating to the Sci-Fi & Fantasy genre.
Netvoyage/Interlogics: An affordable and outstanding ISP based in Southern California with a recent expansion that allows him to provide service outside of California.  He has been my host/ISP for years now, and I've had no complaints.  When my DSL is down I fall back on my dial-up which provides fast and reliable connection speeds.
Philip K Dick Site: This is a great site with loads of bibliographical references, and a solid links page!
X-Ray Book Co.: Hunter S Thompson, Charles Bukowski, Richard Brautigan, Allen Ginsberg, Jack Micheline, Timothy Leary and many others have been contributors to this publication over the last 10 years.  Johnny has pressed many limited first appearance poems & missives also!  His recent offering of Spare Parts collects overruns, and is a bundle of fun!  For those of you who have heard or read the now mythical "Mistah Leary He Dead" by HST will be familiar with these rarities.
All Sci-Fi: AllSci-Fi Philip K Dick Club
The Objectivist
Knucker Books: Internet bookdealer specializing in Fortean Books and Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror.
Outer Limits: Welcome to classic science fiction featuring the outer limits card set.
All Sci-Fi: AllSci-Fi Philip K Dick Club

The Drexus Tavosn Saga
The Drexus Tavosn Saga - a vampire's tale -

Don Lemmon - The official website of the author and nutritionist who's book has out sold Atkins, the Zone and all other diets online for 3 years now. His clients are some of the most photographed bodies in the world.
You Gotta Read This Magazine - With over 150,000 online subscribers, 50,000 home deliveries and dirt on both entertainment and fitness, you would think the controversy was enough. But there are celebrities too!
White Diamond Rock Band - The story of a band bought and dropped by a major record label and that needed to sueto play their own songs. True story and part of a major film project. Hear the tunes!
Planet of the Gods - This could have been your typical good versus evil fantasy novel but it goes way deeper. If you are a Lord of the Rings or Star Wars fan... You'll become a Planet of the Gods fan overnight.
Link Exchange Specialists - 75% of the sites that this company has built are in the top 5 of every search engine for their categories and they exchange links for free. Exchange with 5 of their sites and get posted in 25 times that many in return.

Science Fiction Connection: The Science Fiction Connection provides a collection of classic science fiction literature, including Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, and others.

Race for Doroon
Race For Doroon, A New Science Fiction Fantasy/Romance Novel by Gloria Hartman

Experience the Fantastic: A collection of stories by Steve Schiff, posted by the man himself!

The Windlegends Saga

The Door To Darkness

Jude's Place: Features Jude Liebermann's action/scifi/fantasy romance novels and ebooks.  Also has growing list of writing related links.

Treasure Coast Health: Health Resources, Physician Directory and More.
AdMart Printing Services: design and print quality raised print premium business cards and custom full color paper sign banners for birthdays, weddings, trade shows, retail stores or any other occasion.
InfoHEAVEN Digital Books: For ebooks on Business Opportunities, Marketing Strategies, Personal Issues, Health Issues, Computers, Investing, Sports, and even fun stuff like Magic Tricks! - An Art Directory
The Kipple Webring: - Specializing in Philip K Dick, Science Fiction, and Radical Movement.